So you’ve said I do and popped the champagne, now what?!

Wedding photography doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve been there, so we get it! In an effort to keep things simple, here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Why should I choose M+M Photography?

Ok, Ok. While you may not ask us this question directly, we know you’re thinking it! We want your wedding photography to be just as much of an experience as your special day itself. Our discrete approach gives you the freedom to truly enjoy every second of your day while allowing us to capture those candid moments that make your wedding unique. With over a decade of experience, we can safely say we’ve cracked the code to knowing how to make everyone look and feel beautiful in front of the camera.


When you look at your wedding photos, they should effortlessly bring you back to the moment you said I do, cried during your friend’s speech, or tore up the dance floor until morning! Our goal is to deliver superior, fine art photography that you can’t wait to share and display.


The M+M Print Shop was recently established to provide clients with various design solutions. To further transform them into breathtaking art pieces you just can’t wait to hang on your wall. In addition to creating unique albums, we consult our clients on various customization options like sizing, editing treatments, as well as what would look great in a gallery wall or as a statement piece.


Wedding photos are a once-in-a-lifetime investment so they should be absolutely perfect. Your love story deserves to be celebrated and honoured in the form of awe-inspiring images!


For more on what makes M+M unique, please visit our About Us and Portfolio pages.

Can you describe your style?

My approach to photography is both cinematic and candid. From a young age, I’ve been inspired by classic cinema and I try to recreate this sense of drama and beauty with each and every image. My style can also be described as photojournalistic with an editorial flare because while I love capturing those natural, unfiltered moments, I’m also inspired by moody, high fashion portraiture. This unique blend of intimacy and drama results in wedding photos that are akin to fine art and anything but ordinary.


For more info about our style and to view our work, please visit our About Us and Por tfolio sections.

What are your wedding photography fees?

Our 2018 fees start at $3200. Please visit our investment page for more information.
And of course, if you have any questions, please give us a call!

Are you available to shoot weddings outside of Ontario? If so, what are your travel costs?

Yes, we love to travel! In these cases, we provide a custom quote that’s based on the destination.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

All of our wedding packages include an engagement session. We think it’s vital for everyone to have an opportunity to see what working with us on your wedding day will be like. Plus, it’s the perfect time to test out your hair and makeup team and see how all of their work looks in your photos.

Do you work alone or do you shoot with a second photographer?

For weddings specifically I always work in teams of two, having our extended team of associate photographers there to ensure every detail is captured and every moment documented. There are no do-overs on your wedding day and I am diligent in ensuring that I have a second shooter so absolutely nothing is missed. A second photographer plays a pivotal role in telling the whole story. What’s also great is that a second shooter has the freedom to capture different perspectives, leaving you with a different aesthetic to choose from!

Does your wife Magy shoot with you?

Currently, Magy’s primary focus is family photography for no other reason than to be with our kids when I’m gone the entire day and evening. But I work with incredible associate photographers so you can be assured you will get top quality photography that surpasses all your expectations.

Do you edit all of your photographs?

Absolutely! Every photo you’ll receive has been edited, one-by-one to give it the attention it deserves. Magy’s attention to detail is key here and she is part of this process along with me. She always goes above and beyond the standard to ensure your images are flawless.

How do you go about designing the wedding album with your clients?

We like to keep this process as simple and streamlined as possible for you so there are three main steps that go into creating your custom fine art album:

  1. Pick your album colours and materials - this will be done in person so you can see and touch all the color and material swatches to design your custom album cover and heirloom box. And don’t worry, we will be there to guide you through this process. I promise you’ll have a ton of fun making your selections!
  2. We select the photos for you and with our artistic design expertise will create a beautiful heirloom album for you to enjoy for years to come.
  3. First draft review - we will send you a link to the first draft of your album where you can view, make comments and any change requests right there on the fly. I will then take all of that feedback and begin making the changes.
  4. Final album review - the same link with the updated version of your album will be sent for final review. Once approved, it will be sent to print!

Do you also shoot video?

No, we do not shoot video, however we can provide you with our recommendation on some amazing videographers.
Just ask or visit our preferred vendor page :)

About how many photos do you deliver?

For weddings we normally deliver anywhere from 800 to 1000 images but this depends on the number of coverage hours you choose.

Do we receive the unedited/raw files too?

The unedited photos/files aren’t available for viewing or purchase. That’s simply because we go through a rigorous “culling” process which is a fancy term for photo selection. During this stage we select the best images based on our technical expertise (sharpness, exposure) and as well as the overall look of the image (facial expressions, open/closed eyes etc.)

Can some of our photos be delivered in both black & white and in colour?

Of course! During the editing phase we individually select images that we feel would look best in black and white. Typically our colour to black and white ratio is 80%/20%. However, if you have specific requests regarding colour treatment, we’d be happy to oblige!

How long will it take to receive our wedding photos and any other related products such as the album and prints?

We do our best to deliver our client’s wedding photos as quickly as possible. BUT, our main goal is to deliver outstanding, flawless images. That always comes first. Typically we require 6-8 weeks to deliver all of the images to you.

Can you recommend any wedding vendors that you’ve worked with?

Of course! As seasoned professionals, we have many talented friends in the industry who we trust, and we’d be happy to share their contact info with you. Also visit our preferred vendors page.


All of our wedding packages include an engagement session. Here are a few reasons why:


-They’re fun!


-An engagement shoot is the perfect time to get creative in expressing who you are as a couple! We’ll work together to design a photo shoot concept that reflects your personality and love story. When styling engagement shoots, our goal is to create eye catching photos you’ll want to look at over and over again.


-Location. Location. Location. We’re sure you’ve heard this before but interestingly enough, it also applies to photography. We’ll help scout an awesome location that’ll make your photos all the more unique!


-We think it’s vital for everyone to have an opportunity to see what working with us on your wedding day will be like. Think of it like a practice run before the big day that’ll help you feel more relaxed in front of the camera.


-It’s the perfect time to test out your hair and makeup team and see how all of their work looks in your photos.

-Not only are engagement photos memories that will last you a lifetime, but you can use them in many ways such as to create save the date cards, wedding shower invites, or in your wedding guest book.

Have a look at our “M+M Print Shop ” to see some g reat print options!

-We don’t mean to brag, but engagement sessions are just downright romantic!


Where your life happens.


Family is everything. Such a simple statement, but have you ever stopped to think about what it truly means? Your family session should be a snapshot of your life and we want the images we create together to reflect your family’s dynamic truthfully and beautifully. When you look at them years later, we want them to remind you of these pivotal moments--your first home, how tiny your babies were, or how adorable your puppy was.


At M+M Photography, we believe in finding beauty in the everyday. Whether that means your messy Sunday morning routine making pancakes with the kids, or your afternoon trip to the park with your puppy, we shoot where your life happens. These moments should be immortalized because these are the moments that will stay with you forever. As the saying goes, it’s those little moments that make life big.

How it Works


Let’s chat! We’ll get to know you and then we’ll plan a session that’s perfect for your family and matches your lifestyle. We’ll talk about how the day will go and how to prepare for your session.

What to Wear

What do you feel most like yourself in? That’s what you should wear! We normally advise clients to opt for comfort but this can vary depending on what we discuss during our meetup of if you have a specific idea in mind.

Book Your Session

All sessions are photographed on location. This can be in the comfort of your own home or a favourite outdoor location.

At Your Session

During family sessions, we typically go with the flow to ensure a relaxed and fun experience. Whatever your family enjoys doing most, that’s what we’ll do.


Kids should be kids! We like to let them do their thing and we never pressure anyone to formally pose or act a certain way. The last thing you want are pictures of a family you don’t recognize.


We like to think of every family as having their own natural habitat, and we want to capture yours. Our style is natural and candid with a photojournalistic feel. It’s those fleeting, unexpected moments that often become the most memorable!

After Your Session

We’ll select the best photos and enhance them one-by-one. After you receive your photos, you’ll select your artwork. We offer fine art prints and framing options along with custom-designed albums. You can learn more about our selection of products on our “M+M Print Shop ” page. We’ll gladly consult you on which formats and styles would best suit your home and overall design preferences at an in person consultation. This will also give you the opportunity to touch and feel the print products that we currently have on display.