Spring is here! And I’m sharing my top 5 favourite places to photograph your e-session during this season of love!

Spring is finally here!!! And I couldn’t be more excited about it!  I think we would all agree that we had (and continue to have) a true Canadian winter this year.  It has been exceptionally cold and the amount of snow that had to be shovelled this year was immense. Needless to say, I’m done with winter so bring on the warmth and sunshine!

My personal whining aside, spring is when our photographic creativity has far fewer limits than in the winter.  The days get longer allowing for more outdoor photography and there is nothing more beautiful than natural light illuminating your subject. The warmer weather provides endless shooting locations that don’t limit you to the indoors only, which most of the time require a permit too.

There’s also something romantic about Spring.  You can feel the love in the air.  Maybe it’s seeing couples holding hands taking a simple walk or sitting on a patio that was lifeless for so many months.  The clothes are lighter, people seem lighter and everything is filled with life and movement again.

And of course, the sunsets.  Is there anything more romantic and sexy than a gorgeous sunset as your backdrop for your engagement session? The light during the golden hour is nothing short of magical.

*Find out what golden hour means here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_hour_(photography)

With all that said I want to share with you my personal 5 favourite spring locations for engagement sessions.  Here they are in no particular order:

1. Spencer Smith Park, Burlington

  1. Why I like it:  Spencer Smith Park offers a variety of scenes from beach, architecture and nature and I love having so many different areas to work with just steps away from each other.  This allows me to be creative with my surroundings and offer my clients many photo options that can be used for large wall art or guest books.
  2. What you’ll find here: Waterfront access, a promenade, cherry blossoms, willow trees, plenty of green space and a sandy beach. All just a few steps away from the quaint and rustic downtown Burlington.
  3. Best time to shoot:  I love to shoot either a few hours after sunrise or a few hours before sunset – which is referred to as the ‘golden hour’. The setting sun brings a beautiful and warm glow to my couples and I frequently use that as my backlight all the while adding a slight punch of light with off-camera flash to fill in my couples to make them ‘pop’ from the image.
  4. Permit Requirement:  No permit is required, however, a permit is required to shoot in the small town filled with cobblestone alleys and boutique shops and restaurants.
  5. Some of my work from this location are in the links below for your reference:
    1. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2016/09/courtney-marco-spencer-smith-park-burlington-engagement/
    2. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2015/10/alycia-garrett-spencer-smith-park-burlington-engagement/
    3. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2015/10/kate-mike-spencer-smith-park-burlington-engagement
    4. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2015/08/claudia-martin-spencer-smith-park-burlington-engagement/

2. Rockwood Conservation Area, Rockwood

  1. Why I like it:  It’s a historical site which has a feel of its own.  It is of the ruins of the Harris & Co. Rockwood Woolen Mill, constructed in 1867. The rustic appearance of the mill ruins and beauty of the adjacent Eramosa River make a dramatic backdrop.
  2. What you’ll find here:  Architecture (the ruins), greenery, the Eramosa River, walking trails, sandy beach, small cliffs.
  3. Best time to shoot:  Anytime.
  4. Permit Requirement:  No permit is required.
  5. Have a look at some of my past work from this location:
    1. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2016/05/hudson-family-rockwood-conservation-area/
    2. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2014/09/tiffany-tim-rockwood-conservation-area-engagement/

3. Great Smokey Hollow Waterfall, Waterdown

  1. Why I like it:  Not many people know about it so it’s not overpopulated.  It’s tucked away in the small city of Waterdown and has a beautiful waterfall with direct access (small hike but worth it).
  2. What you’ll find here: A gorgeous waterfall and river with plenty of large rocks, cliffs and trails that allow beautiful rays of light to shine through on a sunny afternoon.
  3. Best time to shoot:  Early afternoon to early evening.
  4. Permit Requirement:  No permit is required. Change of shoes recommended.
  5. Some of my previous engagement session photos can be found below:
    1. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2016/10/leda-ewan-smokey-hollow-burlington-engagement/
    2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BaeOXQnDYLv/?taken-by=mandmphotos

4. Belfountain Conservation Area + Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, Caledon

  1. Why I like it: Not overly photographed and located in a really lovely town of Belfountain.  And I love their suspending bridge over the waterfall.   A few minutes from Belfountain is the large Forks of the Credit conservation area that has many rolling hills, scenic views and stunning colours that pop with the setting sun.
  2. What you’ll find here: Waterfall, suspending bridge, trails, pond and water fountain.
  3. Best time to shoot:  Anytime.
  4. Permit Requirement:  No permit is required.
  5. Previous work can be found below:
    1. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2015/10/ashley-brad-belfountain-forks-of-the-credit-engagement/
    2. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2015/05/bria-cory-belfountain-conservation-area-engagement/

5. Distillery District, Toronto

  1. Why I like it: Endless locations to shoot.  It is one of my favourite urban spots for an engagement session.
  2. What you’ll find here: Rustic buildings, old vintage trucks, cobblestone walkways, restaurants, vintage and modern architecture.
  3. Best time to shoot: Early morning to early afternoon.  Weekdays are best.  Evenings and weekends are extremely overcrowded, especially in the spring and summer months.
  4. Permit Requirement:  Permit is required.
  5. Reference:
    1. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2014/06/melissa-colin-distillery-st-lawrence-market-engagement/
    2. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2015/10/marielle-hong-tai-distillery-district-toronto-engagement/
    3. https://www.mandmphotography.ca/2015/05/michelle-kevin-distillery-district-engagement/


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