Martha + Ramy | Le Jardin Woodbridge Wedding

I couldn’t wait for Martha + Ramy’s big day as I knew it was going to bring tons of emotions – a day full of laughter and tears of happiness is a photographer’s dream.  After the prep, we set out to the gorgeous Saint Maurice & Saint Verena Coptic Orthodox Church that was newly renovated and I just love all the details and plenty of natural light it now offers.  One of M+R’s favourite places to visit is the village of Kleinburg so it was great to tie this into their big day.  The festivities continued at Chateau Le Jardin where happy tears, delicious food and dancing followed.  Here are a few of my favourites from their beautiful day.  Congratulation M+R!

martharamy_wedding-005 martharamy_wedding-030 martharamy_wedding-039 martharamy_wedding-042 martharamy_wedding-069 martharamy_wedding-074 martharamy_wedding-114 martharamy_wedding-127 martharamy_wedding-143 martharamy_wedding-146 martharamy_wedding-152 martharamy_wedding-169 martharamy_wedding-179 martharamy_wedding-223 martharamy_wedding-233 martharamy_wedding-236 martharamy_wedding-242 martharamy_wedding-257 mr1 martharamy_wedding-280 martharamy_wedding-320 martharamy_wedding-328 martharamy_wedding-348 martharamy_wedding-366 martharamy_wedding-423 martharamy_wedding-576 martharamy_wedding-586 martharamy_wedding-643 martharamy_wedding-651 martharamy_wedding-712 martharamy_wedding-745 martharamy_wedding-764 martharamy_wedding-772 martharamy_wedding-852 martharamy_wedding-871 martharamy_wedding-882 martharamy_wedding-892 martharamy_wedding-905 martharamy_wedding-955 martharamy_wedding-959 martharamy_wedding-1007 martharamy_wedding-1044 mr2 martharamy_wedding-1065 martharamy_wedding-1097 martharamy_wedding-1100 martharamy_wedding-1154 martharamy_wedding-1164 martharamy_wedding-1184 martharamy_wedding-1187 martharamy_wedding-1194

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