Lisa + Kyle | Cambridge Mill Wedding

A little rain can’t hold us down.  Despite a rainy morning, it let up just a bit for us to take this amazing couple for some shots at Cambridge Mill.  Having spent some time with L+K and getting to know them better on our engagement session, I couldn’t wait for their big day.  Kyle, please hook me up with and iPhone….I’m sure you hear that a lot 😉  Here are a few of my favourites.  Congratulations K+L!

lisakyle_wedding-0001 lisakyle_wedding-0026 lisakyle_wedding-0040 lisakyle_wedding-0060 lk1 lisakyle_wedding-0118 lisakyle_wedding-0138 lisakyle_wedding-0172 lisakyle_wedding-0210 lisakyle_wedding-0223 lisakyle_wedding-0233 lisakyle_wedding-0283 lk2 lisakyle_wedding-0318 lisakyle_wedding-0338 lk3 lisakyle_wedding-0407 lisakyle_wedding-0436 lisakyle_wedding-0451 lisakyle_wedding-0484 lisakyle_wedding-0576 lisakyle_wedding-0577 lisakyle_wedding-0627 lisakyle_wedding-0641 lisakyle_wedding-0656 lisakyle_wedding-0681 lisakyle_wedding-0691 lk4 lisakyle_wedding-0744 lisakyle_wedding-0762 blog-1 blog-2 blog-4 blog-3 blog-5 lisakyle_wedding-1124

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