Daniella + Chris | Roma’s Hospitality Centre Mississauga Wedding

On a warm and sunny afternoon in August, I had the pleasure of capturing memories for two amazing people.  Daniella + Chris kept their cool and smile all day long despite the humidity.  And why wouldn’t they?  It’s one of the most beautiful day’s of their lives and seeing how much they loved each other, made me smile behind the lens.  After their wonderful ceremony at St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish, we ventured out to Gairloch Gardens in Oakville for some fun shots with their hilarious entourage along the waterfront.

The festivities continued at Roma’s Hospitality Centre and well into the night.  I just love how well the decor, lighting and ambiance felt that night.  D+C, I’m honoured to part of your day and proud to call you my friends.  Congratulations once again to you both!

daniellachris_wedding-0001 daniellachris_wedding-0027 daniellachris_wedding-0033 daniellachris_wedding-0044 dc_01 daniellachris_wedding-0077 daniellachris_wedding-0065 daniellachris_wedding-0127 daniellachris_wedding-0137 daniellachris_wedding-0170 daniellachris_wedding-0154 daniellachris_wedding-0200 daniellachris_wedding-0251 dc_02 daniellachris_wedding-0288 daniellachris_wedding-0313 daniellachris_wedding-0318 daniellachris_wedding-0330 daniellachris_wedding-0341 dc_03 daniellachris_wedding-0401 daniellachris_wedding-0402 daniellachris_wedding-0404 daniellachris_wedding-0410 daniellachris_wedding-0416 daniellachris_wedding-0419 daniellachris_wedding-0484 daniellachris_wedding-0489 daniellachris_wedding-0582 daniellachris_wedding-0673 daniellachris_wedding-0707 daniellachris_wedding-0608 daniellachris_wedding-0588 daniellachris_wedding-0722 daniellachris_wedding-0725 daniellachris_wedding-0611 daniellachris_wedding-0621 daniellachris_wedding-0647 daniellachris_wedding-0633 daniellachris_wedding-0655 daniellachris_wedding-0733 daniellachris_wedding-0756 dc_04 daniellachris_wedding-0805 daniellachris_wedding-0813 daniellachris_wedding-0812 daniellachris_wedding-0822 daniellachris_wedding-0939 daniellachris_wedding-0957 daniellachris_wedding-0959 daniellachris_wedding-0973 daniellachris_wedding-1036 daniellachris_wedding-0979 daniellachris_wedding-0986 daniellachris_wedding-1000 daniellachris_wedding-0987 daniellachris_wedding-1016 daniellachris_wedding-1026 daniellachris_wedding-1084 daniellachris_wedding-1133 daniellachris_wedding-1149 daniellachris_wedding-1164 daniellachris_wedding-1160 daniellachris_wedding-1168

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  • MaryOctober 6, 2016 - 5:34 pm

    Beautiful pics, awesome work !!!!

  • Elizabeth DworakOctober 6, 2016 - 6:34 pm

    Absolutely stunning pics …. The day flew by in a flash … Thank goodness for M&M Photography capturing these priceless memories

  • mandmphotographyFebruary 13, 2017 - 10:27 am

    thank you, a pure joy to work with these two love birds