Allie + Patrick | Backyard Mississauga Wedding

On the warmest day of the year, Allie + Patrick warmed our hearts all the more in their family backyard. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, the outdoor ceremony was filled with sincere emotions and love.  I  thoroughly enjoy outdoor weddings and this one did not disappoint.  Being with Allie + Patrick was a complete joy and their friends and family made the day truly a special and memorable one.  Here are some of my favourites from their big day!  Congratulations A+P!

alliepatrick-007 alliepatrick-015 alliepatrick-039 alliepatrick-034 ap_01 alliepatrick-065 alliepatrick-085 alliepatrick-201 alliepatrick-133 alliepatrick-146 alliepatrick-152 alliepatrick-171 ap_02 alliepatrick-250 alliepatrick-286 alliepatrick-291 alliepatrick-297 alliepatrick-326 alliepatrick-331 alliepatrick-339 alliepatrick-358 alliepatrick-366 alliepatrick-371 alliepatrick-397 alliepatrick-408 alliepatrick-449 alliepatrick-454 alliepatrick-525 alliepatrick-565 ap_03 alliepatrick-628 ap_04 alliepatrick-677 alliepatrick-669 alliepatrick-700 alliepatrick-265 alliepatrick-279 alliepatrick-282 alliepatrick-714 alliepatrick-730 alliepatrick-734 alliepatrick-744 alliepatrick-821 alliepatrick-883 alliepatrick-889 alliepatrick-902 alliepatrick-912 alliepatrick-929 alliepatrick-946 alliepatrick-963 alliepatrick-967 alliepatrick-970 alliepatrick-980 alliepatrick-984 alliepatrick-985

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