Alycia + Garrett | The Millcroft Inn Caledon Wedding

I couldn’t wait for Alycia + Garrett’s big day!  After spending time and getting to know them better during our e-session, I knew that I was in for an amazing adventure.  The forecast called for severe thunder storms and even though the rain came down in the evening, it didn’t damper their spirits.
This day was full of laughter and tears and I was honoured to capture these memories for Alycia + Garrett.  Their warm personalities made the day exciting and they gave me full creative to express my ideas through the lens.  I’m so grateful for that as I was able to capture some beautiful and heartfelt moments in the gorgeous setting of Millcroft Inn in Caledon.  Here are a few favourites from their day.  Congratulations A+G!  Can’t wait for our next shoot 🙂 alyciagarrett_wedding-0001 alyciagarrett_wedding-0015 alyciagarrett_wedding-0021 alyciagarrett_wedding-0037 alyciagarrett_wedding-0049 ag_01 alyciagarrett_wedding-0064 alyciagarrett_wedding-0075 alyciagarrett_wedding-0084 alyciagarrett_wedding-0087 alyciagarrett_wedding-0090 alyciagarrett_wedding-0116 alyciagarrett_wedding-0180 alyciagarrett_wedding-0146 alyciagarrett_wedding-0155 alyciagarrett_wedding-0169 alyciagarrett_wedding-0220 ag_02 alyciagarrett_wedding-0236 alyciagarrett_wedding-0269 alyciagarrett_wedding-0308 alyciagarrett_wedding-0318 alyciagarrett_wedding-0326 alyciagarrett_wedding-0336 alyciagarrett_wedding-0350 alyciagarrett_wedding-0351 alyciagarrett_wedding-0361 alyciagarrett_wedding-0381 alyciagarrett_wedding-0387 alyciagarrett_wedding-0470 alyciagarrett_wedding-0491 alyciagarrett_wedding-0498 alyciagarrett_wedding-0511 alyciagarrett_wedding-0523 alyciagarrett_wedding-0582 ag_03 alyciagarrett_wedding-0640 alyciagarrett_wedding-0750 alyciagarrett_wedding-0761 alyciagarrett_wedding-0768 alyciagarrett_wedding-0815 ag_04 ag_06 alyciagarrett_wedding-0876
alyciagarrett_wedding-0887 alyciagarrett_wedding-0913 alyciagarrett_wedding-0935 alyciagarrett_wedding-0938 alyciagarrett_wedding-0944 alyciagarrett_wedding-0951 alyciagarrett_wedding-0972 alyciagarrett_wedding-0988 alyciagarrett_wedding-1003 ag_05 alyciagarrett_wedding-1019 alyciagarrett_wedding-1026 alyciagarrett_wedding-1037 alyciagarrett_wedding-1039 alyciagarrett_wedding-1042 alyciagarrett_wedding-1058 alyciagarrett_wedding-1100 alyciagarrett_wedding-1105 alyciagarrett_wedding-1121 alyciagarrett_wedding-1128 alyciagarrett_wedding-1140 alyciagarrett_wedding-1151

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  • Garrett & AlyciaOctober 18, 2016 - 9:48 pm

    Best Day Ever! Couldn’t have imagined it with any other photographer! Thank you Martin and Camila for your amazing work! You were both a joy to be around! Lots of Love!

  • mandmphotographyFebruary 13, 2017 - 10:26 am

    It was really an amazing day…thanks to you guys!