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Martin & Magy: the MM’s behind M+M Photography


We are a husband and wife team that work seamlessly together along with our extended team of associate photographers to give our clients the best possible service and photographic memories.

Our style is considered a mix of photojournalism, fashion imagery and traditional photography. We work with you to find your comfort zone and then begin creating your story frame by frame.

By uniquely intertwining technique and creativity with our experience we ensure incomparable and everlasting imagery. Through gentle direction and guidance, we ensure you will look your absolute best on the most important day of your life.

We always work in teams of two on your wedding day to ensure every detail is captured and every moment documented. 

Martin has been photographing for over a decade now, beginning with an array of corporate clients.  Soon after, he began covering weddings and it was the perfect match.  He thrives in both environments but primarily covers weddings and special celebrations.   He is a natural behind the camera, and his extensive knowledge of this craft & unsurpassed editing skills have created stunning imagery for our current and past clients.

Magy’s first time behind the camera was in 2008 after being laid off, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise!   Since then, Magy has worked alongside Martin on numerous projects and has proved to have a great eye for detail an ability to create a relaxed atmosphere where clients can truly be themselves.

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